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Senthur Kumaran

Senthur Kumaran

"I love a challenge and seeing people satisfied and content with successful results - there is always a solution."


Senthur Kumaran is a jack of all trades! His vast knowledge within Accounting, Finance and Real Estate enables him to offer an all inclusive service to his clients.


Senthur has a positive outlook on all things that cross his path. His devotion to seeing his clients happy and working hard to deliver the best possible result is something that many of his clients speak highly of. Senthur always operates in the best interest of his clients, he is known for his negotiation skills and friendliness.


Senthur offers a number of services including selling and leasing advice. His 'real' and 'reasonable' approach to each property allows him to turn around the most challenging at times. If you are looking for a Sales Executive who will drive a sales campaign to see an end success, call Senthur TODAY to arrange your property appraisal at a time that best suits you!

Senthur Kumaran

Leasing Executive

Unit 4
395 Warton Road
Canning Vale